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Selected Companies Titan Holds a Direct or Indirect Interest

Verbit is the world's leading provider of AI to the transcription market.  Verbit's vertical-built voice AI solutions provide its partners with the tools they need to offer engaging and immersive experiences that not only meet accessibility guidelines, but go beyond meeting accessibility standards through enabling the searchability and usability of spoken content. 


WSC Sports is a leading global vertical SaaS company that provides a software platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence  to analyze live sports broadcasts, identify every event in the game, create customized short-form video content, and publish to any digital destination.



DataRails provides a global leading  SaaS platform that enables finance professionals to securely store, share, and manage all of the data from their company spreadsheets. DataRails upgrades Excel to an enterprise-ready management solution that helps organizations  obtain new levels of data analysis and efficiency from their existing Excel spreadsheets.


Zequity is a finance platform that offers a quick and convenient way for employees of tech companies to sell their options and shares with immediate access to liquidity. As direct investors with fund backing, Zequity is well-equipped to provide employees with the ultimate funding solution for exercising options and receiving the most for employees shares.

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Statement’s financial management platform enables businesses to enhance and streamline workflow payment operations. Statement’s platform empowers real-time cash management through providing comprehensive visibility into payment processes.


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